Microsoft Fix it Solution Center

I have mentioned Microsoft Fix it solutions many times in the past ad I just wanted to highlight the Fix it Solution Center

Where you can find and search all the Microsoft Fix its that are available

Microsoft Fix it solution center

You can search by product problem area or text search.


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Comments (6)

  1. Kenny Cropper says:

    I have just installed SP1 for Windows 7 64 Bit running with IE8 and now all of my video thumbnails have disappeared.I have spent 2 days searching solutions on forums trying everything from deleting the thumb caches to resetting folder options,always show icons instead of thumbs etc and nothing works.

    The registry values for the file types in Hotkey_Classes_Root appear to have no entry though under the ShellEx entries for .MP4,.MPEG etc could this be the cause or is it something else? What did the SP1 change to cause this problem?

  2. robmar says:

    Hi kenny – where dod you get that Sp from as it is not released yet AFAIK

    have you tried removing it and seeing if that fixes the issue?


  3. Kenny Cropper says:

    Hi Rob and thanks for the response,the SP1 is a Beta from Microsoft which I have installed to try and correct the BSOD problem of "a timely response was not recieved from an interupt on a secondary processor and your system has been shut down to prevent damage" apparently I am one of many with this problem on Intel Duo CPU's.

    I will try uninstalling the SP to see if it restores my thumbnails as it clearly does not address the original problem which still haunts me!

  4. robmar says:

    hi kenny – maybe best to try the RC version of the SP…/ff183870.aspx


  5. mark says:

    not all devices are mine

  6. robmar says:

    Mark – which devices do you mean


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