Royal Institution Christmas Lectures sponsored by Microsoft Research

If there is one program I always try and catch over Christmas it is the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, that I have watched since a boy  and again this year they are being sponsored by Microsoft Research.

This year, the three lectures given by Dr Mark Miodownik under the title 'Size Matters', will be shown on BBC4 on the following dates:

28, 29 & 30 December at 8pm

Please see the Royal Institute web site for further details.

Mark Miodownik will also be the special guest at the Royal Institution’s fundraising event ‘Spectacular Science’ on 26th January 2011, hosted by Quentin Cooper


Comments (2)

  1. Hotels in Venice says:

    Mark is a broadcaster and writer on science and engineering issues, and believes passionately that to engineer is human.The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are our biggest events; demonstration-packed, fun-filled science events for young people.its a grate news that this lectures sponsored by Microsoft.

  2. TE says:

    Quite the worst of a long line of what used to be interesting and informing events. This year many of the visual aids bordered the superficial and appeared to be little more than time fillers. The lecturer certainly managed to bore me within minutes, and judging from some of the yawns from the audience, I was not alone in this. His delivery was painful. Must do better in future if these lectures are to survive.

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