Error 0xC004C008 when trying to use Windows 7 online activation

If you receive error "0xC004C008" when trying to use Windows 7 online activation, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your computer's hardware has been changed.

  • Windows 7 was reinstalled on the same computer.

  • Your Windows 7‌ product key was transferred from another computer.

  • The ‌Windows 7 product key that you're trying to use has already been used on the maximum number of computers that your license allows.

If you changed your hardware, reinstalled Windows 7, or transferred your product key, you'll need to activate Windows 7 using the automated telephone system.

Windows 7 activation error 0xC004C008 activation using the telephone


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Comments (2)

  1. jeff fernandez says:

    I paid for a product key.Still having this issue. Next time I'm just going to buy Apple- and I hate Apple. So now you know how fed up I am.

  2. Rob Margel says:

    HI Jeff – feel free to email me direct and I will see if I can try and help you.

    Where did you buy the product key?


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