Stunning picture of a Sperm Whale in the bing dynamic theme for Windows 7

Yesterday I highlighted the latest additions to the bing dynamic theme and it appears overnight we have got another picture in there . This time a stunning shot of a sperm whale.

Download the bing dynamic theme


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Comments (4)

  1. Jonathan Noble says:

    I grabbed this pic using the Bing Pictures Downloader app on Windows Phone 7. Right now the phone has selected it as the image for the Pictures Hub's live tile, and it looks great.

  2. robmar says:

    Jonathan – great news, but you are just making me more jealous as i ams till waiting for my new phone 🙁


  3. Norb says:

    What is the strange white thing in the foreground of picture? It spoils the image.

  4. robmar says:

    Norb – maybe some sort of Jellyfish but I am not 100% sure


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