Latest troubleshooting guides for Windows Vista

Just wanted to point out our latest troubleshooting guides for Windows Vista:

“…solutions to some common problems with audio in Windows Media Center.”

Display problems are among the most common difficulties people have when upgrading either Windows or their computers. Here are solutions to some common display problems.”

For most computer problems, there's usually a solution within reach. Here are some pointers to Help for specific types of problems.”

Covering Networking, Using the Web, E-Mail, hardware and drivers etc


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  1. anita crippen says:

    i've had lots of problems with my dell laptop with vista connecting to the internet without multiple restarts. completely wiped out everything on my computer and started over with the disks that come with it and it still has trouble connecting to the internet and will not upload my game on facebook.. if anyone can help please help.. thinking complete piece of crap and need a new computer but will never get vista again…

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