Online safety information for parents and kids

If you are a parent or child/teenager looking for information on online safety then the following article highlights a bunch of useful links.

Online safety information for parents and kids

The links below will help parents find information to minimize the risk of cyberbullying, help kids use social networking sites more safely, and use parental controls in Microsoft and Windows Live products to help keep children safer online. Kids should be made aware of some of this information, as well—especially information about cyberbullying and social networking.

Information about Windows Live Family Safety

More information about online safety

Also don’t forget the CEOP optimised version of IE8 (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre)


Comments (2)

  1. Steve says:

    Wow, what a train wreck of documentation. You can download and set up K9 filtering without reading ANYTHING.

  2. says:

    This is a terrific initiative chaps, however I think what it illustrates is that the steps neede to safely secure your PC, or home network are way beyond the average user.

    Thankfully I used to work at MS many years ago, however others have not and it is very difficult.

    Follow the blog at and I'd be happy to assist in getting some of these instructions out there.

    Great initiatives also look like they are coming in Win8


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