Welsh LIP Case Study: Welsh Interface Supports Language Immersion at Secondary School

This is a really interesting case study about how Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw School in Wales sees the benefits of the Welsh Interface packs for Windows and Office

Welsh Interface Supports Language Immersion at Secondary School

Although the Welsh language is an integral part of Wales’s national identity, the number of speakers has dwindled over the past 100 years. However, with emphasis on the use of Welsh in schools and other public sector organisations, the number of Welsh speakers has increased at the last National Census in 2001. At Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw, students receive an education completely immersed in the Welsh language, with all subjects being taught in Welsh. The Microsoft Local Language Program (LLP) supports this commitment to immersive education, with the Microsoft Office Language Interface Pack (LIP) integrating the language into the interface of Microsoft products used on campus. The school’s Learning Plaza—a state-of-the-art multimedia learning environment—gives teachers the tools they need to integrate technology across the curriculum with cutting-edge solutions, such as Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface

Download the Welsh Windows 7 or Windows Vista LIP, or for Windows XP

How to install the Welsh Windows 7 Language Interface Pack

“Teachers Like Intuitive Welsh Interface

The modern look and feel of Windows 7 with a Welsh-language interface increases the use of technology across the curriculum. Thomas says: “Teachers of subjects that do not traditionally use computing in the classroom have embraced the technology, especially with the integration of Welsh.”

The user-friendly interface of Windows 7 has the look and feel that students expect to see, while features, such as side-by-side viewing and easy search and document management, are simple for students and teachers to use without training or technical support”



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