Want to give us feedback on IE9?

Then simply click the send feedback menu option on the tools menu (you can press Alt-x)


You will then have to download a quick app and fill in the form providing us details of the problem you are facing, you can even use Problem Steps Recorder

give feedback on IE9

then choose a category for the problem you are seeing such as Security

give feedback on IE9

and any additional info

Give additional info

and the finally review and submit your feedback, which may take a few moments

confirm and send

You can see a little more detail at http://connect.microsoft.com/ie


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Comments (13)
  1. jerry snyder says:

    i can sign in to windows live using a different browser, but explorer 9 will not let me sign in

    the drag to taskbar feature disappeared, no task bar showing on the browser window

  2. G says:

    It needs a 3rd Party update, which is not available via Windows Update so thumbs down I'm afraid.

  3. robmar says:

    G – which 3rd party update do you need?


  4. Don Boulton says:

    IE 9.0 RC is trash no webkit no custom controls that worked in IE 8.0, how do you get rid of this trash. UNINSTALL IE 9.0 or better yet keep IE 8, Bing website search will not work in IE 9.0, You guys did not even check compatibility with your own sites and tools, = dumbies.

  5. robmar says:

    Thanks for the feedback Don :S

    I guess the beta didn't work for you.


  6. Vims says:

    You guys removed the Feedback option from the RTM ? Clever 😉

    What ever u guys did, IE 9 RTM is still not good enough. It may be a good enterprise solution, but definitely NOT GOOD ENOUGH for a home user.

  7. arvind says:

    IE 9 is Plain Trash. You guys need new developers, PMS and architects. Who cares about hardware acceleration. I'd age by the time I wait for a perfect version of IE,  thumbs down :p

  8. robmar says:

    Hi Vims – yes that was specifically for the beta (and maybe the RC I cannot remember)

    Out of interest when you say it is not good enough for home user what do you mean?


  9. teresa paxson says:

    I can't get anything to work and my computer has slowed down to a crawl. I also had problems with the screen shaking to the point I couldn't make out what it was saying. I will be reverting back to IE8 at least it works.

  10. David Ross says:

    Microsoft is not a leader anymore, the people cant talk to them without jumping through hoops.

    I am not signing up to tell them about there prcived improvements.

  11. Kelly says:

    I just "upgraded" to IE 9.  I really, really hate the one box for everything.  I want my dedicated search box on the upper right back!!!!  Really, really not happy about this.  Going to unload IE 9 and go back to 8!

  12. susi says:

    ummm I havent got a 'send feedback' option on the tools drop down menu.But what I wanted to mention is that I have a 'Freerecorder' toolbar but withe new IE9 when I pin a website to the task bar it omits this toolbar, so I cannot use the option to record sound etc… and have to use the main webpage of IE9

  13. robmar says:

    Hi Susie – it isn't clear but this post was written at the time of the beta for IE9, hence now it is live this option has been removed.


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