Running Internet Explorer 9 Beta problems without addons? use iexplore.exe -extoff

Found this little tip out after some tweets with @jas who was seeing IE9 beta crash at start up with a message “Internet Explorer has stopped working”.

either type the following into the run box  iexplore.exe  -extoff

iexplore.exe -extoff

or click all programs in the start menu and then--> accessories-->system tools-->internet explorer (no addons)

start internet explorer with no addons

I think his problem was to do with conduit toolbar

Hope this tip is useful


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Comments (41)
  1. Jaycee says:

    Problem still occurs

  2. robmar says:

    Hi Jaycee – what sort of errors are you seeing

  3. Lyndsey says:

    Ive done this and it already says no add ons, butstill can't load Internet explorer! Help!

  4. robmar says:

    Lyndsey – are you seeing any specific errors

    also what version are you running on what OS?


  5. pietro says:

    here is the details

    my prob is the same

    installed, restart, run, stopped working, close program, ie9 reopen window, stopped working, ……

    Problem signature:

     Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

     Application Name: iexplore.exe

     Application Version: 9.0.7930.16406

     Application Timestamp: 4c7e0414

     Fault Module Name: igdumdx32.dll

     Fault Module Version:

     Fault Module Timestamp: 49a6eeb5

     Exception Code: c0000005

     Exception Offset: 00008c44

     OS Version: 6.0.6002.

     Locale ID: 2057

     Additional Information 1: 320d

     Additional Information 2: 4edd9d66ee480f698f7a8471ff5bf4c7

     Additional Information 3: 67a6

     Additional Information 4: c8484ab06def7a46e071e3bf4369b250

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  6. Tk says:

    Windows 7 pro here, wont load, just crashes even when run with no add-ons.  Too bad I was really looking forward to this, was hoping I would like it more then Chrome, I hate the chrome download bar, much prefer the pop-up and ease of control of downloading in IE8

  7. Todd says:

    I cannot even get it to start on windows 7 professional, I disabled all add-on and it just immediately crashes before it loads all the way.  I just bought this system 2 weeks ago with top of the line gaming specs so i dont think its a hardware issue, something is keeping it from starting, wish I could figure it out, would love to check the browser out

  8. Kat says:

    I tried that but didn't work. I'm getting stuck in an error message loop of 'Internet Explorer has stopped working'. I'm running it on Vista SP2 (which I only updated to today)

  9. David from Maidenhead, England says:

    Rob, you are an amazing person!  Brilliant solution to a mind-bending problem for a "non-techy", like me.  Such a clear and concise solution from you – well done and thank you so much  David  PS: Explorer 9 is great isn't it!

  10. hussein says:

    I am seeing the same problem explorer has encountered some problem.. IE than attempts to shutdown and restart the windows and it does this twice.. but no luck

    I am running windows 7 N european version…

  11. steven says:

    Im also having problems. Even taking off add ons

  12. robmar says:

    Hi all – thanks for leaving comments

    I am currently off work on paternity leave so cannot look into all your issues

    so in the mean time you may want to check out the microsoft answers forums…/en-US


  13. George Bishop says:

    every time I Exit out of a 2'ed web page it saides  internet explorer is

    closeing and i can't get to other page's buti think it abaout addon's

  14. Eric says:

    it works =D

  15. Bill says:

    I got IE9beta to open using robmar's tip about opening without addons but does this mean I have to do this every time? In other words I can't use the short cut anymore? Let me know. Thanks.

  16. Shivansh says:

    I want to download internet explorer 09 beta 01 i download or not

  17. robmar says:

    George – sorry not sure what you mean can you explain what a 2'ed means

    Eric – 🙂

    Bill – probably you need to disable the problmatic addon until they release one that works, may take a bit of trial and error to find the offending one if you have lots


  18. Kash says:

    Its given me a couple of BSOD's:

    Log Name:      Application

    Source:        Application Hang

    Date:          04/11/2010 09:25:40

    Event ID:      1002

    Task Category: (101)

    Level:         Error

    Keywords:      Classic

    User:          N/A



    The program iexplore.exe version 9.0.7930.16406 stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel.

    Process ID: 1140

    Start Time: 01cb7c02315c0f55

    Termination Time: 16

    Application Path: C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe

    Report Id:

    Event Xml:

    <Event xmlns="…/event">


       <Provider Name="Application Hang" />

       <EventID Qualifiers="0">1002</EventID>




       <TimeCreated SystemTime="2010-11-04T09:25:40.000000000Z" />




       <Security />








       <Data>C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe</Data>






    Been unstable ever since i uprgaded.

  19. robmar says:

    Kash – have you tried giving this feedback to the team…/want-to-give-us-feedback-on-ie9.aspx


  20. sumit says:

    hello.. i would like mention one problem i'm facing with my web application. i have two drop-down control in my page and the second DD gets populated depending on the value selected from the 1st DD. This works fine in IE7, IE8, FireFox, but the same does not run in IE9. once i select a value in the 1st DD, the page keeps on loading, but don't get any result.

  21. haven watkins says:

    I have followed the above suggestion and still get the same error message.

  22. Ash_Dawn says:

    hello, for about 2 months now my enternet explorer 9 beta has not been working. I have another enternet (64 bit) in the start menu I can use to surf the enternet but cannot download adobe flash player, which I use alot. My 9 bit explorer will pop-up but a message instantly comse up in the middle the screen says enternet explorer has stopped working.It then says it is searching for the problem, says it cannot find a problem and I try to exit but all I can push is close program so it automatically closes the enternet before anything loads. This messages is constantly poping up everytime I try to exit it now… can somebody help me fix the problem and get my regular enternet back?? PLEASE HELP! Thanks

  23. robmar says:

    Hi Ash – did you run the command line like in the post?


  24. Richard says:

    Look u all put this download out and I can"t play my games on facebook.All of page,s on facebook r blank.u all put something out that u did not work. I have a lot of blank screens on my PC and I need to known why

  25. robmar says:

    Richard – sorry you are having problems

    IE9 is still in beta and of course there will always be problems etc with betas.  They are not the finsihed product

    Maybe good to send you feedback to the team…/want-to-give-us-feedback-on-ie9.aspx


  26. JJ says:

    when i try to print with ie9 error comes up?

  27. robmar says:

    JJ – anything specific about the error message you can share?


  28. Richard says:

    After down loading beta 9 some of my facebook games are not working right the screen  are blank

  29. robmar says:

    Richard maybe time to try the RC

  30. says:

    Is Explorer 9 good for my windows seven

  31. Maria Jagborn says:

    hi trying to download internet explorere 8 but get an error message. due to I have windows 7. shall I upgrade windows 7 before upgrading internet explorer? any ideas?

  32. robmar says:

    Hi Maria – what error message are you getting, and where are you downloading from?

    Also are you runnign 7 it is not clear from your message, i think you are.


  33. Kathy says:

    I have a problem on my farmville game when I try to send something out, it says windows is stoping cross scipting, seems like it started when this was updated.. anyone have the problem? Thanks..

  34. joan o'gorman says:

    windows 8 wasn,t downloaded by me . i can,t find how to delete or fix it ,i need help ,please

  35. yuvraj says:

    yup, thanx

  36. Anita says:

    I was recently asked to download Explorer 9, which I did.  Now, when I sign on, (I have AOL and AOL Mail), I do not see my AOL Toolbar at top of screen or HP Clipboard for Printing at left of screen.  I also had a toolbar at top which showed:  File, Edit, etc.,etc. Also, my favoties list is at right of screen instead of left of screen.  How do I correct this so that I can have my AOL Toolbar?  Or can I go back to Explorer 8?  Please let me know.

  37. robmar says:

    Hi Anita – to get the file edit view etc menus back simply press the Alt button when you have IE open

    to get your other menu bars back simply – Right-click an open space to the right of the New tab button, and then select the one you want

    hope that helps


  38. Gary B. Dean says:

     IE9 took my new Computer Down went back to IE8 Keep getting Blue screan

    had to re format

  39. Cindy Poisson says:

    cannot get any of my games.They break up whenever I try to play,like the price is right/doubledown casino to mention a few.

  40. zena says:

    i tried to download bell security but it was not compatable with windows 9 do I need windows 9 or can I go back to 7 some how ?

  41. robmar says:

    Hi Zena – do you mean Internet Explorer 9?  I guess so…

    I am not familiar with Bell Security do you have any details


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