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Featuring an island in Tuvalu in Polynesia and

 Tuvalu Polynesia 

and Pulpit Rock  in Portland Dorset

Pulpit Rock Portland Dorset

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Comments (6)

  1. oreo says:

    Wow! What a view! Especially the Pulpit Rock. So realistic and majestic. I would really like this on my desktop theme.

  2. robmar says:

    Oreo – yep agree have been down to Pulpit rock many times and not actually ever seen it looking that good, I think the photo is excellent.

    Glad you enjoy it


  3. oreo17 says:

    Yes, the photo is excellent. And I envy you for having the experience of seeing this magical scenery… More power on your work.

  4. hari ie says:

    this is good from IE9 browser

  5. Hose Lovah says:

    Omg so cool! I wish I was there right now! Man so I wish I could sit on the edge of the rock dip my feet in that clear blue water! WHo agrees?

  6. manuela gomez says:

    Porque no hay ninguna foto de paisajes españoles?

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