Get help and tips with Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Get help with Internet Explorer 9 Beta and some handy tips


What's new in Internet Explorer 9?

Learn how Internet Explorer 9 makes websites perform and feel more like the programs you use every day on your PC.

  What happened to the Favorites bar?

Find out what happened to the Favorites bar and other controls, and how they can be restored.


How do I install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9?

Follow these steps to install or uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta.


Why don't some websites display correctly in Internet Explorer 9?

Compatibility View can help improve how some websites look in Internet Explorer 9. Find out how.


Is the beta right for me?

See if you fit the bill for the beta.

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Comments (21)

  1. Ruthey says:

    Any tips on getting CRM 4 to work in IE9?  All rollups loaded and the front page works fine but then you can't do anything on any of the pop-up windows.  It's like th Javascript isn't running in the background???

  2. robmar says:

    Hi Ruthey – to be honest I know close to zero about CRM

    maybe someone like…/jim_glass could help



  3. Jarren says:

    PLEASE HELP! How the F*** do you disable the "backspace" keyboard sortcut?

    It is driving me mad!

  4. robmar says:

    Hi Jarren – sorry not 100% sure what you mean

    do you mean the behaviour where if you are on a page and you press the backspace key you go back to the previous page viewed?  If so I am not sure you can, and I think it may have been around in IE for quite a while


  5. alaskanpoet says:

    I have a blog account with blogspot. IE9 Beta will not allow me to post a blog. Is this fixable. how does one contact Microsoft for help on solving the problem.

  6. robmar says:

    Hi AlaskanPoet

    Have you tried running it in Compatablility mode?

    or for more help try Microsoft Answers…/InternetExplorer


  7. IE9 PAIN says:


  8. LALA says:

    Why wont some videos play using Internet Explorer 9? Having a lot of problems with nick jr website for my child.

  9. robmar says:

    LaLa – they seemed to work for me at

    can you see flash videos on other sites?


  10. Nat says:

    Please help with 2 questions on IE9.

    1. Why is the history (under URL drop down) not deleted at all?

    2. How to make the back pages drop down appear?

  11. robmar says:

    Hi Nat

    1. If you are concerned about this maybe try inPrivate browsing

    2. right click on the big back arrow

    hope that helps


  12. Argus Vidicon says:

    Google Everything Sidebar turn it off forever.  This is easy in Firefox.  Please tell me how to do it forever in IE 9

  13. says:

    pop-up windows in games on facebook do not work,or I do not know how to get them working again,do have facebook set as site allowed for pop-up but no effect…anyone know how to help me out??

  14. http://search%20term/ page not found - oops - who forgot to test before deployment? says:

    In my old IE8, I turned off "search from the address bar", and now that IE9 has instlled itself, my search box is gone, and I still can't search from the address bar, but they also deleted the *option* to turn this off or on as well!

    They also removed the ability to pin-open the favorites menu, so it's no longer possible to place my favorites into a folder where I want them – I just get that unuseable controll that's 100 pages long when I try it…

    Why does Microsoft insist on force-feeding their customers with changes none of them asked for, and practially nobody wanted?

  15. Gary C. Miller says:

    What is cross-scripting, and more importantly, how can I make IE 9 stop putting up a banner every time it says it has stopped??

  16. SAUNDRA says:

    Suddenly all my desktop SCRIPT and SCRIPT above and near toolbars has become very VERY tiny.  I tried the enlarging tips.  The icons remain normal size – or will enlarge when I try e.g. – doing right click on desk top to enlarge – or in windows doing a CTRL and scroll or CTRL and + sign. – Nothing helps the tiny text. ANY SUGGESTIONS?  Thanks.  

  17. robmar says:

    Gary – read this about cross site scripting –…/Cross-site_scripting

    Saundra – have you tried ctrl key and +


  18. Jimbo says:

    Can anyone help a not so clever silver surfer.

    On starting up my computor internet explorer 9 automatically opens up. This is very annoying when I don't wish to use it.

    How can I stop this from happening?

    Any advice would be gratefuly received


  19. robmar says:

    Hi Jimbo – sorry for delayed response

    take a peek at…/Run-a-program-automatically-when-Windows-starts

    is IE in the list of start-up programs, if yes delete it


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