Microsoft and languages a bunch of recent links and resources

Over the last few days i have spotted a number of links related to Microsoft and languages:

Norwegian is not just Norwegian.  There's two of them: Norwegian Bokmål (literally: "book language") is used in writing in 85-90% of Norway, but Norwegian Nynorsk ("New Norwegian") has equal status as a written language.

Nynorsk Language Interface packs for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Engkoo, at, is written in Chinese with two characters meaning "English" and "vault." It has a core of translation data that Microsoft draws from sources such as dictionaries, which it licenses from their publishers. That content is mixed with data that Microsoft gleans by such methods as sweeping the Web for sites with parallel Chinese and English versions.

Microsoft computers align the parallel websites—their paragraphs, sentences and individual words—then assign a quality ranking to the resulting translation and file it away.

When an Engkoo user types a word or sentence into the website's input bar, in either Chinese or English, the site draws on statistics from its vault of data to translate it. It also displays sample sentences that use similar words and, in many cases, links to where it found them.”

All together Windows supports close to 100 languages..

and posts some useful links for ITPros

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool is out of beta and is now a full-fledged release. We thank all of you for the valuable feedback you have provided us to help improve the features, quality and performance of the product.

Please download the latest version of ILIT for your language:

Bengali Gujarati Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Oriya Punjabi Tamil Telugu



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  1. Mel says:

    In view of the latest mishaps of teh Canadian police with Google Translate, I believe we are still a long way from high quality automated translation

  2. Ranjan says:

    Any idea why the link is not available.If the resources moved can you please provide the new location.

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