The World According to Bing

Chris Pendelton (Bing maps) has just had a great article published on the IEEE web site Computing Now -The World According to Bing

“The world as we know it has collapsed into custom-sized computer screens with Mercator-projected maps, satellite images, aerial photos, and graphics showing us where everything is, what every location looks like, and why we would want to go there. What once was simply a way to visualize a place or get from point A to point B has become an arms race to gain eyeballs in a world hungry for location information. Raster map images are the staple of every location platform, but researchers are creating new types of visualizations to satiate the appetites of users who want more. A good example of this cutting edge of location technology is Bing Maps”

You can  Download (PDF format) the entire article but hurry as i think it is only available for a month or so…



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