Free Windows Home Server Training Videos From Train Signal Training

So if you are interested in some free Windows Home Server training then check out the following from Train Signal Training.

Train Signal Training

Free Windows Home Server Training Videos | Train Signal Training - Free Computer Training Videos

There are 5 videos that cover

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

This short introductory video will provide you with an outline of what the Windows Home Server training course covers.

Lesson 2: My Windows Home Server Lab Setup

In this video I will show you my home lab setup, explaining what each piece of hardware does and how it is connected to my Windows Home Server. This short demo will help you get ideas to see what you can do with your Home Server.

I will also walk you through setting up wireless networking on your Xbox so that we can connect the Xbox to our Windows Home Server.

Lesson 3: Networking and TCP/IP

Understanding the basic mechanics that make up your home network is crucial because there are many options when it comes to networking the various devices in your home.

In this video you will learn about your wireless networking options and security, power line networking, network adapter types and cabling your home. I will also provide you with a quick explanation of TCP/IP which is an integral part of your home network.

Lesson 4: Client Computer Configuration

The next step is connecting individual client computers and devices to your Home Server, and in this video I will show you just how to do that. We’ll talk about the role of a network adapter, creating user accounts, and naming or renaming computers on your network.

I will also show you how to configure an IP address in both XP and Vista using DHCP.

Lesson 5: Windows Home Server Feature Introduction

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! This video is all about Windows Home Server.

We’ll talk about all of the features and options that are available on Windows Home Server including file storage and resource sharing, remote access, video and music sharing, and how to use add-ins to extend the capabilities of your Home Server.

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