Protecting Kids from Cyberbullying

I spotted this on a tweet from @safer_online yesterday and think it is worth sharing this great 2 page brochure on Cyberbullying

Protecting kids from cyberbullyingProtecting kids from cyberbullying

“Unlike physical bullying, where the victim can often walk away, the Internet is always “on” and kids are always connected. Though most victims know the bully, cyberbullies can be anonymous. And cyberbullying can be virtually invisible to parents and other adults.”

For other advice from Microsoft about how to help protect your family online, go to or try the following links

and don’t forgot the CEOP version Of Internet Explorer 8


Comments (2)

  1. Rbeer says:

    yes! parents indeed should protect kids from the internet. kids need guidance so that they would not be expose to harmful contents from the internet. kids are very naive they might be misinterpret things and follow things they've seen in the internet.

  2. Cyber-Bullying says:

    How do you prevent the same thing correct. This will galvanize us to think and write will have. And any child born to the trend in h bullying is not good<…/a>

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