Celebrate the Summer with Bing–Free Ice Cream

Free ice lolly anyone? Well, during the month of June the Bing Ice Cream Van will be on tour handing out free delicious Bing Ice lollies and giving people the chance to demo the great Bing products and services.

The Tour kicks off on Monday 7th June and will be running until Wednesday 30th June and will visiting popular areas in and around London.

Check out the Bing Maps collection of where the Bing van will be visiting and grab yourself a free Bing Ice Lolly

Bing Ice cream van map collection


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Comments (2)

  1. Alan says:

    I thought all the ice-cream I bought was "Bing–Free".  You mean they've been secretly adding Bing to it all this time!  That's why it's always been rubbish/great (delete as preference).


  2. robmar says:

    Alan 🙂 – yeah seems I missed a few spaces there in the title 🙂

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