MVP tip #3 : using Windows Live Writer

Well actually 10 great articles from UK MVP @Technogranma (aka Sandra) about how to get the most out of Windows Live Writer especially if you are already a Windows Live user.

Sandra’s writing style is very readable and anyone who is new to blogging and looking to understand how to get the most out of Windows Live Writer could do a lot worse than start by reading these articles.

  1. Let’s start Blogging!

  2. A picture says a thousand words!

  3. Let’s try some picture effects!

  4. Lets Get Mapping!

  5. Inserting a full photo Album.

  6. Hyperlinks and Tags

  7. Inserting a Table

  8. Inserting a Video

  9. Adding some plug-ins

  10. Other Features of using Writer

You can get Windows Live Writer at


Comments (1)

  1. technogran says:

    Thanks Rob. I have been pondering over converting them up to the Clubhouse which I can easily do. I did them on WordPress and Blogger simply because some blogs I was following kept mentioning that they had only just found Writer and were obviously novices at using it, so I said in commments on their blogs that I would do some how-to posts to help them get the best out of using Writer.

    That is why there are clone posts on both my WordPress blog at and also that blogger post at as well.

    As you are aware I have already covered using Live Writer previously in the Community Clubhouse on Windows Live.

    Thanks again for the mention of my posts Rob.

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