Hacked Hotmail / Windows Live ID Useful information

I was sent this information internally and i thought it was something that was worth sharing.

Recent reports of Account hijacks in Hotmail

Hotmail is seeing instances of accounts being "hijacked" by spammers who send emails out advertising an electronics website.  The spam mails usually have subjects like "Good shopping good mood" and may go to your contact list in addition to a random list of emails.  Indications that this is happening to you may include you being required to match the characters in the picture (to verify that you're a person and not an automated program) to send mails when you reach your limits.”

Account Compromise - Unauthorized Account Access in Windows Live

If you believe that someone else has signed in with your Windows Live ID, you should take the following actions to secure your account:

If you still have access to your account, then you should change your password and other information right away by accessing the following links:

· Change Your Password

· Update/Change your Secret Answer

· Update/Change your alternate e-mail

You may also want to read Taking control of computer security for more information about general security on your PC


Comments (4)

  1. Trees says:

    Is it just phishing and key loggers leading to hacked accounts?

  2. robmar says:

    Hi Trees – i am not 100% sure but will ask around


  3. shayne legg says:

    I cannot get into my e-mail account. I cannot open to see what the code is. I am very annoyed about this and need my old e-mail account back for work. It has been a week and I still cannot get account open. I want my old account returned please. I have e-mails from work that I need to respond to.I only have a computer to use at work, not at home. HELP

    Kind Regards


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