Help with Windows Update error 8007F0F4 or FFFFFFFF (KB981198)

If you are seeing errors 8007f0f4 or FFFFFFFF with Windows Update then you may want to read our latest article as you may have malicious software on your PC

Windows Update error 8007f0f4 or FFFFFFFF

If you receive Windows update error 8007f0f4 or FFFFFFFF, it means that an important security update can’t be installed because of a problem on your computer.

The problem is usually caused by a malicious software infection on your computer. To prevent the computer from becoming unstable, Windows won't install the update.

We recommend that you remove the malicious software on your computer, and then install the important security update.

For information about detecting and removing malicious software, see this article on the Microsoft website.”

If you want to understand more about security and safe computing then try


Comments (3)

  1. Stephen says:

    I have antivirus and antimalware on my computer and it has detected nothing.  I've tried downloading KB2481109 over a dozen times and every time it failed to install.  I've now turned off automatic updates as I got so fed up with it.

  2. Fred Griggs says:

    OK, so thank you for your kind suggestion.

    But your Security Essentials — after hours of searching — found no threats.

    So what do you suggest now?

    Apparently nothing.

    So what do I do now with the latest Microsoft operating system?

    Apparently, nothing?

    (And yes, my Norton antivirus was disabled when I ran your Security Essentials)

  3. Rob Margel says:

    Hi Fred – can you drop me an email


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