What is the Browser Choice update?

The Browser Choice Screen

You may have heard a lot about the up coming  Browser Choice update where users of Internet Explorer within the EU will get a choice of browser to install

After downloading the update and restarting your computer, you'll automatically be shown the Browser Choice screen, and you can then select and install the browsers you want to use. (If the Browser Choice screen doesn't automatically appear when your computer restarts, you can double-click the Browser Choice shortcut on the desktop to select and install web browsers.) :”

Read more at What is the Browser Choice update? - Microsoft Windows



Comments (3)

  1. ALan Runcie says:

    All very well but I already have alternate browsers installed but everytime I log in I’m now faced with this stupid choice screen.

    How do we turn it off?

  2. dave says:

    This is a totally illegal download. I did not ask for it nor do I want it installed on my machines.

    We should all take legal action against this as if any of us were to install a piece of software on Microsofts machines or the EU servers it is certain we would end up in court on a charge of hacking

  3. Dabur says:

    hi ,

    really simple , just click ‘ install ‘ its that simple , one click , not that hard at all !

    and no you cant take legal action against it , it is a court order being implemented !

    take it up with the EU if you have a problem with it !

    have a nice day

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