It is estimated that every 14 days a language dies

Pretty powerful statement that.

It is estimated that every 14 days a language dies

Which is why I am really proud of what Microsoft is doing with our Local language program (LLP).  Read the full press release below.

More Than 1 Billion Speakers of Endangered Languages Get Access to Technology: Microsoft Local Language Program announces new initiatives to provide technology access, helping to grow local economies.

Some other quotes I love from this press release.

Beyond providing fully localized versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office in nearly 40 languages, Microsoft currently supports 95 languages through the LLP. More than 1 billion people speak the languages that are supported by this program

Microsoft announcing…

“…Fifty-nine new Language Interface Packs (LIPs) for both Windows 7 and Office 2010


In essence, Microsoft’s Local Language Program helps emerging markets build a stronger work force and ultimately better prepares employees to help grow local economies.


““Two dozen language hot spots, which contain the greatest diversity and most endangered languages, have now been identified globally. Microsoft’s Local Language Program — which provides an interface for nearly 100 emerging languages, including Maori, Welsh and Inuktitut — seeds future innovation,” said Professor K. David Harrison

I try and keep an updated set of links for when we release new Language Interface Packs (LIPs) and you can access them at


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