3 new Windows Videos – Streaming music, restoring PC after hard drive failure and Paint

We have 3 new Windows help videos up on the Windows website


Stream music around your house with Windows Media Player

This video shows you how to stream music around your home using Windows Media Player in Windows 7.


This video shows you how to restore your pc after a hard drive failure (using system image backup)

Make a greeting card using Paint

This video shows how to make a greeting card using Paint.”


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  1. Your computer is the tool where you load pictures and crunch numbers for work and house information that if lost can be irreplaceable. With the size of hard drives today you can literally store thousands of photos and tons of sales data on your machine.  

    With that being said, even though laptop and other computers are much more stable and reliable than ten years ago, they can still fail. There are still motors and other mechanical parts that can seize up and just not work one day.

    If you have ever received an error message indicting a hard drive failure, you know that you could be losing many hours and even weeks of information. This Information could that contain your most prized family photos, home videos or sales data from the past 5 years. Laptops are especially vulnerable since they can easily be damaged by mishandling bellhops or just accidentally knocked off the table by an innocent tug of the power cord.

    Gravity Gardener


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