3 more Windows 7 Small business videos

Really like this series of videos from the Microsoft UK Small business team, really telling some great stories about how Windows 7 can help a small business.

Matlock Town Council was formed in 1983 and as the Councils responsibilities grew, so did its dependence on technology. By deploying the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system, Matlock Town Council has achieved a more solid, intuitive PC experience for its users, and the gains in system speed and responsiveness have resulted in a significant overall productivity boost.”


Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Reflex Marine is increasingly on the lookout for cost-effective IT solutions that can help their 20 employees get more done so they can continue to create cutting-edge solutions. By deploying the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system, Reflex Marines employees were able to work more efficiently and productively, which gave them more time to develop the solutions on which their customers rely”


Peak Support Services is a Microsoft Small Business Partner, specialising in small business hardware and software support. Peak Support customers wanted to communicate maintenance issues better and reduce stoppages and boot times. With the Windows 7 Professional operating system, Peak Support sped up boot and resume times for hardware, easily located and organised information across the network, and reduced support case resolution time. “


thanks to @microsoftSB for putting the videos up.


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