Information and dates for you if you are running Windows 7 RC

Ok some information and key dates you should know if you are running Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate)

Important We strongly recommend that users who are running any of these prerelease versions of Windows 7 migrate their computers to a release version of Windows 7, or to another operating system before the listed expiration dates.”

Release Candidate

  1. February 15 2010 RC expiration process starts – meaning you will get notified via the taskbar that it is expiring
  2. March 1 2010 2020 – your PC will restart every 2 hours – without saving work
  3. June 1st 2010 the RC will expire – you will see a black desktop, activation screen and restarts every 2 hours

More details and information on our support site at Description of Windows 7 Beta and Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) expiration dates and functionality (KB971767)


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Updated for the obvious mistake in the year in point 2

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