Microsoft Out-of-Band Security Update for Internet Explorer - January 2010 (MS01-002, KB 978207)

Just in case you hadn’t seen the latest advise and how to get the update

Microsoft Out-of-Band Security Update for Internet Explorer - January 2010

On January 21, 2010 Microsoft released an out-of-band security update for all supported versions of Internet Explorer on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

See the latest security update bulletin for more information

  • Security Bulletin MS01-002 - addresses vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (KB 978207)”

  • You are likely to get this automatically via Windows Update (if it is turned on), or you can get it directly from



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    Comments (7)

    1. I thank for sharing of the useful information about the security updates. <a href="">dexter episode</a>

    2. Tim Barry says:

      This update caused my wireless connection the internet to stop working. Uninstalled the update and internet fired right up.

      Is there some settings I need to change to stop this from happening/

    3. robmar says:

      Hi Tim - sorry to hear about your issues

      there should be free support for all security updates  see here

      what OS and version of IE are you running and did you get the update from Windows update?


    4. Tim says:

      Rob i did get the update from auto Windows update. I am running IE 8 and vista. I have a wireless router and it shows that connection is OK. I am getting email so I know my hardware is working.I am guessing that there is some setting I need to change in the software but I am not finding any resolutions so far.

    5. robmar says:

      Hi Tim - to be honest I am not aware of anything that shojld have effected you this way.

      all i can suggest is the free Microsoft support for the updates mentioned in my comment above.


    6. fad says:

      (WinXP Pro SP3 French - Uptodate with Windows Update)

      What I would like to know is why this update made my access to a sharepoint site (extranet) really really REALLY slow... The one on the intranet was behaving normally.

      I spent a day figuring out what had happened!

      I first suspected my Internet connection, then my network parameters, then I tried some of the fixes I found on the Internet (registering atxprxy.dll)

      I finally tried to access the site using FireFox, and the speed was normal. So I reinstalled IE8 - and the problem was solved.

      When I updated using Windows update (only 2 updates) - the problem was back. That's when I tried to remove 978207 - and the speed is ok again.

      Does anyone have a clue on this?


    7. robmar says:

      Hi Fad - sorry about your problems with this release.  I do not have much help I can give on this specific issue as it is not one I have heard of before.

      May be worth getting some free support from your local Microsoft office


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