Snow in Berkshire and the UK

Well today was supposed to be my first day back in the Microsoft UK offices after a long break over Christmas and new year.  However I will be taking some more time at home (working) as we have had 6 inches of snow where I live in nearby Arborfield.

This is the view out of my house last night about 10 o’clock, but since then we have had more snow and more is forecast.

Snow at night in Arborfield Berkshire

(click on the picture for the original about 1 Meg)

For those inclined I took this on a 7 second exposure time on my trusty 6 year old Sony DSC V1 camera.

By the forecast I could be working from home all week, I hope I have enough coffee beans to see me through.


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  1. Uri says:

    hi ,

    more coming , in belgium its the same , … older people are vulnerable , so try to help them in this weather

    have a nice day , uri

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