My top 10 posts for 2010

As it is my last official day in the office for 2010 I thought i would do the normal thing and list my top 10 (out of the 325 i have written) blog posts for the year.. 16 Windows 7 Themes from around the World Running Internet Explorer 9 Beta problems without addons? use iexplore.exe…

15 new desktop backgrounds

If you fancy sprucing up your PCs desktop background then check out our latest backgrounds / wallpapers that you can download. Rob Technorati Tags: Backgrounds,wallpapers


My Blackberry is not working

If you are in the UK you might have already seen this wonderful comic sketch   Rob Technorati Tags: The One Ronnie,Ronnie Corbett,Harry Enfield,Blackberry,apple,orange,xbox

Winter theme pack for Windows 7

So just in time for the next dump of snow in the UK, which is coming over the next few days is the latest theme pack, which contains 13 wintery images. “Serene scenes of snowy landscapes grace this seasonal Windows 7 theme” Download Winter Windows 7 Theme Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 7,theme,#uksnow,winter

Windows Phone 7 for IT Professionals

Just pointing out a couple of really great resources Windows Phone for business Understand how Windows Phone 7 provides mobile productivity without compromise, works well with your existing infrastructure and provides a platform for compelling applications. Discover how Windows Phone 7 helps you and your employees stay productive, keep in touch and safeguard information. See…

Everything you wanted to know about Genuine Windows

Is available on our new Genuine Windows website “Genuine Windows is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported. With genuine Windows you get access to support, updates, and downloads to help you get the most from your “ Genuine value: protection, reliability, and performance Protection. When you buy genuine Windows 7, you can download and…

Snow Angels Windows 7 Theme

“Snowflakes fall as delicately as angel wings in this wintry Windows 7 theme” Download Snow Angels Windows 7 Theme Rob Technorati Tags: Windows 7,theme

Narnia–Dawn Treader Windows 7 Theme Pack to download

“Join Lucy, Edmund, and friends on the Narnian ship the Dawn Treader as they return to the fantastical world created by author C.S. Lewis in this Windows 7 theme. “ Download Narnia Dawn Treader theme Rob Technorati Tags: Narnia,Dawn Treader,Windows 7,Theme


Windows 7 Quechua LIP Available

If you like you Windows 7 in Quechua spoken across South America and the official language of Bolivia and Peru,  then download the latest Windows 7 Language Interface Pack (LIP) now. Download the Quechua Windows 7 LIP via the Download Center. Please note that the Quechua Windows 7 LIP can only be installed on…

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures sponsored by Microsoft Research

If there is one program I always try and catch over Christmas it is the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, that I have watched since a boy  and again this year they are being sponsored by Microsoft Research. This year, the three lectures given by Dr Mark Miodownik under the title ‘Size Matters’, will be shown…