2 New articles on getting the most from Windows Live Movie Maker

Just wanted to point out these 2 great articles about Windows Live Movie Maker which I am guessing will be something that you might be using over the holiday period.

Turn your old video into digital memories using Windows Live Movie Maker

“Do you have a lot of old home movies stuck on old analog videotapes? If you want to bring that old analog footage into the digital age, you can do it by using Windows Live Photo Gallery. After the video is on your computer, you can edit it in Windows Live Movie Maker to make and save new movies to share with friends and family”

import analog video through a DV camera to your computer

Use custom settings to save a movie in Windows Live Movie Maker

“Windows Live Movie Maker already has many built-in settings that you can choose from when you're ready to save your movie. But you can also save your movie with a custom setting you create. This lets you save your movie at a quality level and size that meets your specific needs. “

You can download Windows Live Movie Maker here


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