I’m a PC in 6 Indian languages via the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

Microsoft Indoc Language Input Tool

Just wanted to point out this great new language tool from Microsoft India - Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool

“Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool helps you enter Indian language text easily into any application in Microsoft Windows or on any page on the Web. The primary input mechanism is transliteration. Additionally, it provides a visual keyboard to assist with editing words that do not transliterate properly”

and below is the phrase ‘I’m a PC in each language:

  • I'এম ও পিসি  (Bengali)
  • आई'एम आ पीसी (Hindi)
  • ಐ'ಎಮ್ ಅ ಪಿಸಿ (Kannada)
  • ഈ'എം അ പിസി (Malayan)
  • ஐ'எம் ஆ பிசி (Tamil)
  • ఐ'ఎం ఆ పిసి (Telugu)

thanks to @manan for the spot and read more on the official blog

Don’t forget we do have a Windows 7 LIP for Hindi and Windows Vista and Windows 7 LIPs for many other languages


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