Latest Windows Help articles: Windows Update error 800705B4, Advanced searching tips and installing a new video card.

There have been a few new and improved articles posted to the Windows Online website recently and I just wanted to point them out.

1. Windows Update error 800705B4, 80070008, or 8007000e

“To fix Windows Update error 800705b4, use the Windows Update troubleshooter.”

2. Advanced tips for searching in Windows

“Searching in Windows 7 can be as simple as typing a few letters in the search box, but there are also advanced searching techniques that you can use. You don't have to know these techniques to search for your files, but they can be helpful depending on where your searching and what you're searching for.”

3. Give your PC some graphics muscle by installing a new video card

“So you've made sure your computer has enough memory, a fast enough processor, and enough hard drive space to comfortably run Windows 7 and all your favorite programs. Now what? It's time to examine your video card if you haven't already”

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Updated 03/12/2009 with correct link for first article

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