Serbian-Cyrillic Windows 7 LIP now available

If you like you Windows 7 in Serbian Cyrillic then download the latest Language Interface Pack (LIP) now.

Click here to download the Serbian-Cyrillic Windows 7 LIP

Please note that the Serbian-Cyrillic Windows 7 LIP can only be installed on a system that runs an English or Serbian-Latin version of Windows 7.


Comments (5)

  1. Stephen says:

    Any info if x64 version will be available? Microsoft recently published Catalan 64 bit version, so I suppose Serbian one is also on the way?

  2. robmar says:

    Hi Stephen – Currently there are no plans to offer a 64 bit version of the Serbian-Cyrillic Windows 7 LIP I am afraid.



  3. stefan says:

    I want to know , are u planing to make serbian cyrilic for windows 7 , and why didnt u do that so far ???

  4. robmar says:

    Stefan – this is the Serbian Cyrilic for Windows 7 LIP


  5. Jovan says:

    Zašto nemogu da prevedem srtanice na Srpskom jeziku. Pomozite mi u rešavanju problema. Hvala!

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