Updated Windows 7 Tips and Tricks from ComputerWord

Way back in April I pointed out a nice set of tips and tricks from Computer World.  Well it now seems that Preston Galla has updated the article, Windows 7 tricks: 20 top tips and tweaks

The updated areas include, (I have added some extra links and pointers on some subjects):

  1. 1. Use Hidden international wallpapers and themes.  I am not sure if the way he explains how to do this is support by Microsoft, however if you want to grab themes from other countries there is an easier way, just go to the personalization gallery, scroll down to the International Themes section and download the one you want.  We have 20 different ones to choose from across the world.
  2. Search the internet from the Start Menu
  3. Customize the shut down button
  4. Add a Videos link to the Start Menu
  5. Use check boxes to select multiple files
  6. Open a command prompt at any folder
  7. Speed up the display of thumbnails on the taskbar, via a registry hack, again not Microsoft supported, so not for the faint hearted.  The recommendation of creating a restore point is very valid here


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