12 common Windows 7 problems solved

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Nice posting from the guys and gals at TechRadar UK

12 common Windows 7 problems solved | News | TechRadar UK

The post covers:

  1. The hanging at 62% during upgrade from Windows Vista – which i mentioned yesterday
  2. DVD drive not found
  3. Fix Aero problems using the Aero Trouble shooter
  4. Irritations with Aero Snap try turning off some of the ‘Ease of Access” programs
  5. Syncing your iphone
  6. Windows 7 Themes changing your custom icons – read more about customizing your desktop
  7. Problems with your taskbar
  8. Missing Explorer folders
  9. Missing applets
  10. Too many minidumps
  11. HP Printer problems – try the HP support site
  12. Hidden extensions


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Comments (3)

  1. Chris Powell says:

    Problems?  Hmm…must be all the 1d10ts that can’t even tell if their computer is off or on, cuz W7 is perfect for me…perfect.

    MS needs go no further in developing any new OS.  Ever.

    They’ve perfected perfection.

    They’ve defined the definition.

    They’ve proven the unprovable.

    1.  Didn’t happen…just glad it’s didn’t hang at 4, 5, 8, 15, 23, or 42.

    2.  Hmm…one word – BIOS, dummie.

    3.  No Aero problems.  Good thing it’s not called the Troubled Aero Shooter

    4.  Aero Snap?  Is that a derivative of Awww Snap?

    5.  I don’t have an iClone

    6.  Hmm…icon’t see any icostum icons.

    7.  Whåts ∑rong wît˙ my †ask∫ba®?

    8.  Folders?  What folders?

    9.  Granny Smiths?  Get your own tree.

    10.  Hooray for regularity!

    11.  It’s not the computer, it’s the HP printer.  Always.

    12.  So unhide them…nerf-herder.  Same procedure since Windows ver.  -1.0

    I have to admit, I am running W7 on a MacBook Pro.



  2. clara says:

    my bluetooth does not work with windows 7.

  3. robmar says:

    Hi Clara – need a bit more info about what device you are using.


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