First Windows 7 Language Interface Pack available – Hindi

So now with the launch of  Windows 7 I expect to see more LIPs coming for Windows 7, here is the first for Hindi:

Click here to download the Hindi Windows 7 LIP


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  1. Hindi Chat says:

    it’s a very important package. Thanks Microsoft

  2. Pepper says:

    Well I can’t actually read the download page because I don’t read Hindi. But I have some coworkers who would find this useful. So I downloaded it and tried to install. Wrong architecture it says. Any idea when x64 is coming?

  3. robmar says:

    Hi Pepper – let me see if I can get you an answer on x64


  4. Josep says:

    Hi, what about the catalan windows 7 LIP?

    Will be there an x64 version? For Vista there was only a x86 version …

  5. robmar says:

    Hi Josep – i cannot comment on future plans / timelines  for other LIPs sorry.


  6. robmar says:

    Hi Pepper I have an official answer to 64 bit

    “We are only releasing 32-bit LIPs via the download center.  The 64-bit LIP for Hindi (and Catalan) will be available from OEM and System Builder channels”

    hope that helps somewhat


  7. Pepper says:

    Well thanks for the info, though it doesn’t make any sense at all. I checked the system builder site, doesn’t have any LIPs for Win7/2008R2 yet, and no 64-bit LIPs for Vista.

    I thought Microsoft wanted people to use 64-bit but inexplicable policies like this aren’t helping.

  8. robmar says:

    Hi Pepper – I have passed on your feedback and will try and get a response for you


  9. Pepper says:

    Still wondering about this, thanks!

  10. robmar says:

    hi Pepper – sorry I don’t have any more information at this time on your questions/issues

    feel free to contact me directlty on


  11. Josep says:

    Hi Rob, and thanks for your explanation. But, don’t you though it doesn’m make any sense? I mean "The 64-bit LIP for Hindi (and Catalan) will be available from OEM and System Builder channels".

    If there’s a x64 LIP for catalan and hindi languages, why to keep them private? Nonsense! Microsoft made it, and does not allow normal users to use it. I can’t believe it!

    Microsoft wants people to increase the x64 OS, but policies like that are incomprehensible..

  12. robmar says:

    Hi Josep – thats great feedback that has already gone to the LIP team, and I wil make sure they get it from you as well.


  13. Josep says:

    Thank you again for your answer, hope LIP team’s gonna listen to that feedback and made them public 🙂   If they made it that way, please tell us "asap"!

  14. robmar says:

    Hi Josep – as soon as I know anything that has changed I will let you know

    feel free to drop me your email address


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