Get Windows 7 for £30 in the UK – Student Offer

Windows 7


So only if you are a student and you want to get your hands on Windows 7 (Home Premium or Professional) then check out, ok so you will have to wait till October 1st for more detail but that is one sweet deal.


“We are offering students the opportunity to buy Windows 7 for an amazing discounted price, £30 for either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional.

You can take advantage of this offer from October 1st September 30th but you will need to be quick as it is for a limited time only and is only eligible to college and university students with a valid .EDU email address (an email address given by the college or university, for example: ), a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows Vista or Windows XP and can run Windows 7.

This offer will be available from 1st October so please check back then for details on how to take advantage of this great offer.

Why Windows 7?

We have designed and refined Windows 7 based on your input. You’ve essentially asked for a PC that’s simple to use-one that’s faster, easier, and works the way you want. So we made hundreds of basic improvements, and a few you might not have imagined. From switching between programs to recording TV, Windows 7 simplifies the way you use your PC-and the way your PC connects with the world.

For more information on these features and more that we think you'll really like, click here


updated the date to September 30th

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  1. Daniyar says:

    I am a student in the US and I don’t have Windows XP or Vista keys available for an upgrade. Will the student key allow a clean install without an upgrade?


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