Bing laptop skins and visual search

2 quick Bing related items that I picked up from via twitter

First up is the super cool Bing laptop skins

Bing laptop skins

 Laptop Skins by Schtickers –  Just noticed that it is MS Employees only deal which is a real pity but am really tempted when I get a new laptop.

and second is this article by the BBC on Visual search

‘Software giant Microsoft has introduced visual search to further set itself apart from market leader Google.

The new feature for its 90-day-old search engine will let users browse results using pictures instead of text.

Visual search will concentrate on four main areas: travel, health, leisure and shopping.

Thanks to @pbarone and @technogranma respectively


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  7. Josey says:

    Hey guys! I just got a newsletter from Schtickers that says the Bing skins are no longer for Microsoft employees! SWEET!!! Here is a link to their page so ANYONE can order them!

    Bing Fans will love this!!!

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  9. Tony says:

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