Giving feedback on Bing Maps

Is pretty simple, whether your feedback is a problem with listings, maps or directions or general feedback features you would like to see or a privacy concern.

Just press the feedback link at the bottom of the screen

Bing Maps Then fill in the form with your type of feedback and details and viola thats it

Give feedback for bing maps or just use the following link


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Comments (8)

  1. Ben B. says:

    After google maps latest update you guys are really falling behind. They have builds overlayed on their maps for almost all the college campuses in the united states. Take a look at for the details. They completely redid their whole base map data. I used to like you guys the best but I have to go with who has the best map data. And google now makes it easy for me to report issues. I really wish you guys had that feature — the map in my area is so messed up.

  2. Nisheeth Singh says:

    Is this indicative of your internal workings? I submitted a piece of feedback the other day, instead of being appreciative of it, this is the response I got:


    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Bing Maps support.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  The support type you have submitted "I have a problem/concern with street-level images", is an invalid feature.  Please resubmit your support request with a type that closely matches your problem.  We appreciate your feedback for Bing Maps.  Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

    Best Regards,

    Bing Maps Support

    — Original Message —

    From : …………

    Sent : Thursday, November 12, 2009 8:43:41 PM UTC

    To : 792ee19c-2625-4891-85a1-856e61aa4d84

    Subject : Bing Maps:I want to report a concer


      Bing Maps

    What type of problem do you have?

    I want to report a concern about street-level images [I want to report a concern about street-level images]

    Be specific when describing your problem. The details that you include enable us to promptly send you the most likely solution to your issue.

      Your images of the following address: …………. are about 3 years old.

  3. robmar says:

    Hi Nisheeth – ca you contact me directly on and I will see if I can help resolve your problem

    doesn’t sound great


  4. drew says:

    Why would any software company think its a good idea to delete "my favorites" list from a browser program?? For me this is a reference tool for work. WTF? MS seems to be run by school children. MS motto: The more obtuse and complicated, oh, lets change and hide stuff behind behind a new "windows" somewhere where its not obvious, the more money we can charge. For the sake of peoples sanity, keep it simple and quit changing stuff that doesn't need to be changed. Does anyone at MS have a clue what consumer want/need? Reflecting on the stock price from the last few years, obviously not. For the thousands of hours that I have wasted trying to make a computer do what it was advertised to do, I hate Microsoft products.  Here a concept MS might consider, A set of programs that are visually very simple without the multitude of tool bars and duplicated icons (that are never used) for us simple people that don't care to spend our lives wondering what the hell did they change now?  KEEP IT SIMPLE!    

  5. robmar says:

    Hi Drew – sorry you are upset, how did your favourites get deleted

    feel free to contact me direct


  6. Mark N says:

    I tried Bing maps for driving directions.  Bing maps only gave me one (1) route to take, a route that will have a traffic jamb in the morning.  I then tried google maps and entered the same info.  Google gave me three (3)options of routes to take, including a toll road that will get me to my destination without the dreaded traffic jamb.  I've seen the recent bing vs google commercials and switched to bing as my homepage.  Based on the above info, I'm switching back to as my internet's homepage.

  7. kelley says:

    Please display the rating stars over the numbered business locations.

  8. timothyskinner says:

    Railroad at and east of Temoris, Mexico is famous and deserves better than what has been hand drawn on Bing map.  Tunnels are not shown correctly in east approach to Temoris, or in Temoris valley (there is a famous loop called La Pera, the pear, inside a mountain) and is not re-aligned until some km south. A large error in drawing the railroad line south is not corrected. A giant triangle is drawn instead, this does not exist.

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