Free Windows 7 Downloads

Free Windows 7 Downloads Want some free downloads for Windows 7 then @imhassan at I think different has started a list of free downloads you can get.  Also check out the comments as people are adding more and more free downloads.

Free Windows 7 Downloads | ithinkdifferent


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  1. I had Window Vista and I had downloaded Window7 and now i have trouble with things not being able to be found and sayes i have no memory left and need to back up files and i have but also say that it did not complete. Not sure if it really did or not. I also have something say about something about sunbelt and it is a spy and has blocked the program. I can not print and other problem’s have occured. How do i fix this. I need free help please…

  2. Rob Margel says:

    Hi Elizabeth – what anti-virus software are you running?

    Strongly recommend runing as much security as possible

    Also when you say you downloaded Windows 7 was that via Windows Anytime Upgrade?


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