Seven Ways to Secure Windows 7 From PC World

 Securing Windows 7

PC World has a great little article on Seven Ways to Secure Windows 7  it covers areas including:

1. Bitlocker

2. Raise the UAC slider bar

3. Patch Everything

4. Install anti-spam and anti-malware software

5. Enable the Smartcsreen Filter in IE8

6. Take an inventory

7. Back- up tour data

This article covered the items that should be done to make an already secure Windows 7 system more secure. If your OS and all applications stay fully patched and you don't get tricked into running Trojan horse executables, you will have significantly less risk than the average user. Don't fall into the trap of disabling the Windows 7 defaults (UAC, Internet Explorer's Protected Mode, Windows Firewall, and so on). Many well-meaning advisers don't have access to the cumulative customer experiences that Microsoft does


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