Microsoft Learning Snack Box (beta)

Just wanted to point out this really cool new site from Microsoft, still in beta

Microsoft Snack Box Beta

Learning Snacks are short, interactive learning presentations about Microsoft technologies and include various media, such as animations and recorded demos. Are you an expert? Be part of this growing and vibrant community - create your own Learning Snack and share it with the world here! “

There is plenty of Windows content on there such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista and you can submit your own content and share it with everyone.

Its currently in beta but well worth  checking out at Microsoft Learning Snack Box - create and share your e-learning snacks with the community


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Comments (2)

  1. hey rob, thank you for this post, i’m running vista…are these learning vids just for vista?

  2. Rob Margel says:

    Hi Free Samples – nope these can be for any Microsoft technologies, check out the tag cloud ont he right hand side or try browsing some of the differnet ways from the horizintal buttons near the top


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