22% increase in Twitter traffic in the UK

Twitter in the UK just keeps growing and growing according to Hitwise

UK Internet visits to twitter 2009

Some other facts from the report about Twitter in the UK:

  • It is now the 38th most visited site up from 969th this time last year.
  • 5th most visited social network site up from 84th (didn’t realise there where that many!)
  • 93% of growth has been in 2009
  • 30th biggest source of traffic to other sites

and to quote the last paragraph on the key to having a successful Twitter presence

‘…is to engage the community. Twitter is a great viral marketing channel, and for many users the aim is to have their story ‘retweeted’ – i.e. passed on by other users – as many times as possible. Although all of the newspapers have multiple ‘official’ feeds, these tend to be bland and have very low ‘retweet’ rates. Where journalists themselves are ‘tweeting’ themselves and engaging with the Twitter community, they typically have more success in creating viral stories.’

You can follow Hitwise UK on twitter at https://twitter.com/Hitwise_UK and I can be found at https://twitter.com/robmargel.


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  1. tom1999 says:

    Twitter has definitely seen massive growth within the last few months. I’ve had twitter for 2 years and just recently I noticed that pretty much everyone has one now, only thing I hate about it is the increase in add request I’ve gotten from people just trying to sell something. I have at least 3-4 a day which can get annoying.

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