Find your perfect partner – Announcing Microsoft Concierge in the UK

Remember the Gadget Guru that we brought you late last year, well we have fully updated it to not only show you the best range of laptops, netbooks and other devices but in a much more sophisticated and easier to use interface using Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Concierge service - find your perfect partner

We still give you a summary of the machine specs and the star rating

machine specs and star ratings

Improved overview and tech details section with a simple pros & cons section

overview and tech detailsand a new compare section where you can easily and simply compare several machine back to back

 compare PC's

Also we still have updated all  the jargon busting advice on how to decide what PC suits your own needs

Cut through the jargon

Be that Family life, Gaming or Photography 

Hopefully we should be continually updating the machins in Concierge so you have the most updated and accurate data to make an informed decision.

Thanks to @Pareen for the tip and all the hard work getting the site live


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