Popular Social Networks Around the World

I spotted this as an update to an earlier post  Favourite Social Network By Country is this updated Visualisation from ex Microsoftie Vincenzo Cosenza

Social Networks aorund the world


The green is the global domination of Facebook, and although Twitter is not the single biggest player in any market I wonder where it will be the first, currently 3rd according to the stats in the USA.

Some of the patterns that Vincenzo calls out:

- Facebook has almost colonized Europe and it’s extending its domination with more than 200 millions users
- QQ, leader in China, is the largest social network of the world (300 millions active accounts)
- MySpace lost its leadership everywhere (except in Guam)
- V Kontakte is the most popular in Russian territories
- Orkut is strong in India and Brazil
- Hi5 is still leading in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and other scattered countries such as Portugal, Mongolia, Romania
- Odnoklassniki is strong in some former territories of the Soviet Union
- Maktoob is the most important Arab community/portal

and what this shows to me is the diverse and different SN sites in specific countries that cater for local markets and users.

The visualisation was done by what looks a very cool site from IBM that I had not heard of called ManyEyes which looks a very smart place to share and discover data


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