The daddy of conventional mice – Microsoft Explorer Wireless Mouse comes out top in Register Review

Microsoft Explorer Wireless mouse


Just read the Registers reviews of 12 mice 12 of the best... mice • Register Hardware and the Microsoft Explorer Wireless Mouse which it touts as “The daddy of conventional mice…” gets the highest rating 95% of all 12 mice they reviewed

“The daddy of conventional mice that comes with something called BlueTrack that enables it function on just about any surface irrespective of texture, colour or albedo. Whatever the science behind BlueTrack's blue laser, it works. We tried in on a shiny white desktop that usually puts the kibosh on any laser mouse and it performed faultlessly. Power comes from a rechargeable AA battery, which can be replaced by a normal cell if circumstances dictate and you get two programmable function buttons. Though of no practical use, the base glows a lovely blue when you turn it on. In fact, we rather wish we could have had the blue glow on all the time, reduced battery life not withstanding. The scroll wheel could do with standing a little more proud of the device in order to make moving left and right across documents easier and the USB dongle doesn't lie flush when clipped into the underside of the mouse for storage – and that's the only way of turning the mouse off – but, ultimately, these are peripheral grumblings. Microsoft also supplies a mains charger, so you can top up the battery without having to turn your computer on”

Even with the blue glow I don’t think I will be switching from my Arc mouse just yet.  Whenever you get it out on a train or in a coffee shop it is amazing how many people ask what it is (especially when folded up, and can’t believe it is a mouse.  Now if they did a Bluetrack version which glowed on start up I could be tempted.

You can find more information on the Microsoft Explorer Mouse and how to buy it.


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  1. pawinterks says:

    I bought one, but have stopped using it because the battery that came with it (NiMH I think) wouldn’t last more that 10 minutes after a full charge.  Will have to try another battery.  It will run on a standard battery, but that defeats the design.  Also this rechargable model is VERY large.  There is a little brother non rechargable that is targeted towards laptops, but I haven’t tried it.  I’ve bought a lot of mice and prefer the top end with extra buttons, but I was not impressed by this model, even if you can use it on a rug.

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