Need help with Windows Vista Service pack 2 (SP2) ?

Then head over to our Windows help and how-to section specifically written for SP2 with the following articles

Help with vista sp2 

  1. What’s included in Windows Vista SP2 - Learn about the various improvements and changes that you get with Windows Vista SP2.
  2. Install Windows Vista SP2- Learn how to download and install Windows Vista SP2.


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Comments (5)

  1. Jimminy says:

    This information is very useful. Thanks for the links.

  2. donna says:

    i keep getting the error message server executive failure CO_E_SERVER_EXEC_FAILURE(0X80080005) when it try downloading service pack 2. what do i do?

  3. robmar says:

    Hi Donna – maybe try this link and download the fix, realise it if for Xp


  4. Daryl says:

    Has anyone gotten any positive results from this error? I am attempting to fix my friends laptop where this error is occuring. I have downloaded Vista SP2 Standalone installer and received the same error.  

    I think the problem stems from corruption of files on the OS due to potentially failing hard disk drive.

    The laptop is an HP Pavillion DV6700 with Windows Vista SP1 preinstalled. I cannot tell if there have been any updates installed as Vista will not allow me to see if any are installed. However, the history reflects updates being installed. I think this is related to the fact that the Windows Module Installer service failes to start because of Error 126: The specified module could not be found. (as ambiguous and vague the exception message is). I did verify that the TrustedInstaller.exe does exist in C:WindowsServicing. This is why I think that the disk may be suffering from some bad data blocks or clusters. Another symptom is occasionally Windows, when rebooting, will initialize chkdisk during bootup.

  5. robmar says:

    Hi Daryl – you may have to get in touch with support for this

    sorry I cannot help more


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