6 steps to installing and getting started with Windows Vista

Here are 6 steps and links from Windows Help and How-to about how to install and get started with Windows Vista.

1. Install, upgrade, and activate Windows Vista

Learn how to perform a clean installation, upgrade your computer, and activate Windows Vista.

2. First-week checklist

Follow this checklist to connect to the Internet, get your computer up to date, transfer files and settings, set up a network, and more.

3. Security checklist

Check Windows Security Center, get your computer up to date, turn on a firewall, and set up other security features.

4. Set up hardware and get drivers

Find information about setting up hardware, such as printers, and get the latest drivers for your hardware and devices.

5. Install programs

Install programs, check program compatibility, and learn how to work with programs in Windows Vista.

6. Personalise Windows Vista

Make Windows Vista yours by personalising your desktop background, changing themes, and choosing your language settings


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