Microsoft Store UK Gets a makeover

I have mentioned the Microsoft Store before which is a great site for buying Microsoft Software direct from Microsoft, and Chris who runs it here in the UK has told me that it has undergone a bit of a makeover:

Buy Microsoft Software buy Microsoft Windows

Highlights of the new changes include:

  • New Header Design – a new look and a special section dedicated to our best offers
  • Guest Checkout­ – option to bypass Windows LiveID
  • Improved Site Performance – quicker load times means less waiting around when making a purchase
  • Friendly URLs – new site structure for improved organic search listing and easier to write down
  • Verified by Visa / SecureCode by MasterCard – reduce the impact of fraud
  • New Help Section – help you find answer quicker and reduce costly support calls
  • On-site Search Optimisation – easier for you to find what you want

Microsoft Store UK – Home

Let us know if you like the new changes.


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