Looking for anti-virus software for Windows 7?

Updated 29/10/2009 - a more recent posting on this subject can be found at http://blogs.msdn.com/robmar/archive/2009/09/24/updated-windows-7-anti-virus-partners.aspx 

Then you might want to try one of our partners listed at http://www.microsoft.com/uk/windows/antivirus-partners/windows-7.aspx

Symantec Panda Security F-secure
Trend Micro AVG McAfee
Kaspersky Lab    


Important: Before you install antivirus software, check to make sure you don't already have an antivirus product on your computer. If you do, be sure to remove the product you don't want before you install the new one. It can cause problems on your computer to have two different antivirus products installed at the same time.”


And if you are after security products for Windows Vista or Windows XP try:

and if you need any help about security with Windows from the basics  through networks, windows firewall and user accounts try out the Windows help and how-to security page


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Windows 7: Security software providers

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  1. since more security companies have released their new 2010 lineup, the list of compatible antivirus for Windows 7 will be longer. Like ZoneAlarm 2010 lineup, it is absence from the list.

  2. This has changed now, also includes several others

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