Windows Experience Score – Win7 RC Vs Win 7 Beta

When I checked the Windows Experience Index shortly after I had upgraded to the Win 7 Beta back in January  I had a score of 2.0

However after checking following my RC1 install on the same machine with the same hardware (Toshiba Tecra M7) It has increased to 3.4 .

Windows 7 RC Expereince scoreWhich is better than when the same machine was running Vista.

I have not read of any major changes between the Beta and RC with how the Windows Experience Score is calculated, although I recall there being differences between Vista and Win 7.

What’s your score? and have you seen a difference between Beta and RC?


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Comments (3)

  1. Mr. Spark says:

    Mine decreased from 4.0, from 4.1

  2. NICK-DA-BEAT says:

    Hi robmar,

               Although my score of 5.9 has remained the same going from beta 7000 to rc 7100 the make up is very different;

    beta 7000

             x2 6000+    6.1

             4g ballistik 5.9

             8800gt 512m  7.9

            gaming graphics 6.0

            hdd             5.9

    RC 7100 ‘Exactly the same hardware case unopened’

             processor  6.1

             memory     7.0

        graphics (aero) 5.9

            gaming graphics  5.9

            hdd             5.9

    not sure what drivers win7 installed but i then tryed 185.** win7 issue from nvidia with no change so installed 182.50 vista and now have 6.0 on both graphics scores, i can only have the ability to turn off scaling with 182.50 also.

     Note, i’m working with 64bit here.


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