Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be a PC

8 reasins your next computer should be a pc

Computer World has another great article I have just read Eight Reasons Your Next Computer Should Be a PC


1. Variety is the spice of life

“…you can almost certainly find a Windows PC aimed at you--and usually a bunch of them competing for your dollars. By contrast, Apple has a grand total of nine different Mac models, none of which cater to specialized audiences.”

2. The cost of admission is lower

What is entirely accurate--and valuable--is that the Windows world offers plenty of PCs at every price point, including the low ones that Apple ignores as a matter of principle. The cheapest Mac laptop, for instance, costs $999; BestBuy.com offers 78 Windows notebooks that cost less than that

3. Windows PCs have worthwhile features that Macs don’t

“…for instance, built-in memory-card readers are standard, and HDMI connectors for easy HDTV hookups are becoming so. Wireless broadband, built-in TV tuners, and Blu-ray are all reasonably affordable options. In Macland, you can get some of those features only through third-party add-ons. And others you simply must do without.”

4. The more software the merrier

most companies and individuals that write software choose to do so for the platform that offers them far more potential customers than any other. Third-party Mac programs are often terrific, but there are simply fewer of them, especially in exotic categories.”

5. Windows users get preferential treatment

“…it's a matter of companies chasing after the biggest user base…”

6. You get the chance to do it yourself

No computer is more perfectly tailored to your needs than one you assemble from scratch using hand-picked components. Building a handcrafted Windows machine is so simple that plenty of people wouldn't dream of settling for a store-bought computer. But while home-made OS X systems exist, they're closer to being science-fair projects than a viable alternative to buying a real Mac manufactured by Apple”

7. Who says Macs have more fun

“…serious computer gaming remains a seriously Windows-centric medium, with many major games making it to OS X only after much of the excitement has died down...or not to OS X at all. And it's Windows machines that are most at home in an entertainment center, with features like CableCard-capable TV tuners, Microsoft's Windows Media Center, and HDMI output. (Apple wants you to put an Apple TV in your living room, not a Mac, and it still can't do everything that Windows Media Center can.

8. Windows-only corners of the Web remain

“As ridiculous as it all is, there are times when I'm glad--or at least relieved--that I'm able to fire up a Windows PC to get to a site that doesn't seem to want the business of

So reading that why would you not want to be a PC?


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